Facebook Jail: The Law of the Land if Communist Democrats Take Control

If Biden and the Democrats win, the openly free speech-stifling policies of Facebook and Twitter WILL become the law of the land. They will use subjective terms like “hate speech” and the rationalization of “public health crises” created by COVID and racism to subdue everyone into submission, just like they continue to do with face masks and lockdowns. Top officials from Facebook and Twitter will make and influence policies in a Biden administration. Non-leftists already know what those policies will be like. Facebook jail will be replaced with fines, real jail time and possibly reeducation camps for dissidents.

If Democrats flip the Senate and retain the House, they will go through the motions of making it legislation. As for the Supreme Court, they will simply stack it until they have a leftist majority. When Schumer and Pelosi said absolutely “everything is on the table” next January, they mean FREE SPEECH. They are evil, but also smart enough to understand that without free speech, all the rest of our rights are unsustainable and meaningless. I hope like hell you’re voting for the right side today. If the bad guys win, you will not recognize America.



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