Election 2020: More Evidence of America’s Irreconcilable Differences

Here’s what I posted on social media at the start of Election Night, 2020:

All I can say: The Democratic left and its media are capable of anything. Literally ANYTHING. 2020 taught us this. Whatever happens tonight and in the coming days, remember that. There is nothing they will not do for the sake of power, and for the sake of destroying your individual liberty. Nothing. So no matter how much their next outburst of evil shocks me, nothing will surprise me.

Then, hours later:

Well, now we know the Democratic “plan B” (since the Biden landslide didn’t work out): Paralyze the count process in Pennsylvania, and turn it into the “hanging chad” fiasco of 2020. Maybe it will end up in the Supreme Court. The Pennsylvania state government is run by open mobsters. They have done everything they promised they would do: shut down the election, if they can’t seem to win.

How it’s looking to me now, 11pm Eastern on Election night: President Trump can pull this off. He obviously has to win the states he won last time. But he will have to fight for Pennsylvania, like he did impeachment, and he has the capacity to win. Best case, Republicans keep the Senate and we are, sadly, stuck with Nancy Pelosi. This is the best case scenario I see at present. Essentially, it’s status quo–which is NOT sustainable for our country, but may buy us some time and avoid a total civil war. Sad we have reached a point in America where this is the BEST case scenario.

Arizona turned decisively blue because Californians FLED California for its high taxes and socialism. So what do they do? Bring high taxes and socialism not just to Arizona, but the rest of the country. This kind of ignorance and self-destruction is simply not sustainable.

Imagine the sort of PITIFUL LOSER who sits in a car in Wilmington, Delaware, in the middle of the night, hoping to see Joe Biden give a victory speech he can’t credibly deliver because his campaign orchestrated a vote-counting breakdown in Pennsylvania (and, apparently, North Carolina too.)

And finally:

This isn’t the 2000 election. That year, the vote was razor-thin close in the contested state of Florida. This time, in the contested states, President Trump is significantly ahead. The Democrats in those states simply do not wish to concede defeat. They are holding the American republic hostage.

Months ago, leftists claimed mail-in voting would be efficient and honest. Critical thinkers knew it was a lie. Now here we are, on the verge of a Constitutional crisis, thanks to their inability or unwillingness to count the mail-in ballots that support the outcome they don’t desire. Leftists will never admit when they’re wrong. They pile travesty upon travesty, and blame their victims. I told you they are capable of anything. Enough is enough.


It’s all very sad. Just more evidence that politically and, deeper than that, Americans suffer from irreconcilable differences. Millions of us want a divorce.



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