It’s 2019. What If I Had Told You … ?

It’s October 2020. What if I had told you, just one year ago, in October 2019:

The government would be paying millions of people upward of $75K a year, to stop working, indefinitely?

At least 50 percent of the world’s population would BE IN HIDING, never leaving the house, because of a cold virus with a 99.99 percent survival rate?

The Democratic nominee for President would threaten to confiscate all guns, pack the Supreme Court, and jail or otherwise threaten people who refuse to take a government-mandated vaccine?

That a Marxist organization, masquerading as a civil rights organization, would have paralyzed all major American cities, including New York City, to the point where everyone has fled, demanding immediate redistribution of wealth and defunding of all police — and getting the support of virtually ALL American corporations; and succeeding in defunding half or more of the police force in major American cities such as Seattle and Minneapolis and (to a lesser extent) New York and Chicago?

That the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives would impeach the President without evidence, on purely partisan lines, and threaten to do the same over and over again; and that if the President refuses to leave the White House, even if being reelected, she would somehow get the U.S. military on her side to escort him out?

That the overwhelmingly Democratic U.S. Postal Service would be charged with collecting all ballots and entrusted with a competent, nonpartisan counting of all ballots in the very important upcoming election?

If you would have thought me crazy for predicting these things a year ago today, then what are YOUR predictions for the coming year … or the coming month, for that matter?



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