This Is War

This unspeakable creep stated in his “town hall” several days ago that he will make vaccinations mandatory. What happened to “my body, my choice”? Leftists ONLY apply this to abortion, and pot smoking. Virtually nothing else. What does this tell you about their priorities? This is really momentous, that Biden said this. Because he also hinted at banning “certain activities” to compel people to take vaccinations. What “certain activities” would those be? He won’t tell us. Dictators never tell. One is left to assume the only possible ways: turning off your water, Internet or electricity; preventing you from getting food; preventing you from getting the Social Security or Medicare benefits you were forced to pay for (assuming you work).

This is totalitarianism. This is for real. I don’t care if Donald Trump hurts your feelings. I don’t care if you don’t think he fits your image of what a President should be. We are talking here about the brutality of a Communist, fascist state. President Trump is the ONLY THING standing in the way at the moment. If you vote for Biden, I am holding YOU personally responsible for whatever happens if he wins. I encourage those who agree with me to do the same with their family members and associates. This is war, like it or not. It’s a war being initiated by leftists like Biden: against the most basic, most fundamental and precious of individual rights. Right now, the good guys are losing. Everyone is wearing masks, everyone’s economic stability is on hold, and nothing is as it was. But the good guys have to win. Otherwise, you will be living in a darkness like this country has never known.



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