HATE is Where the Left Is

Vice President Joe Biden recently asked: “Does anyone believe there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is reelected?”

My question: Do Joe Biden and Democrats think there will be no unrest if they are elected? No resistance? Will they roll the tanks over us, without so much as a whimper in response? Will we willingly hand over our guns in compulsory “buyback” programs? Will we wear masks even in our own homes, and uncritically accept a questionable vaccine, because President Biden says we must? I honestly don’t know. But how can Biden be so sure he will be able to rule without massive dissent, civil disobedience or even violence from the other side?

Trump supporters have lives. People with lives have something to lose. We tend to eschew protest. But our lives will be radically altered once we get huge tax hikes, totalitarian regulations, fossil fuel prohibition via a Green New Deal, and the replacement of real police with political police, like Hitler’s Gestapo. There will be less to lose by coming out and fighting back, if the fascist policies of Biden’s party carry the day.

Leftists are often losers; and are always neurotic, even when achievers. Leftists either live in their parents’ basements, or feel guilty over what they have achieved. Or they are narcissists and sociopaths in search of power over others, to fill their empty, shallow souls. Why else would anyone be a Communist? Healthy, decent people embrace and cherish liberty. Leftists may care for their own property, but nothing for property rights. Their guilt turns into anxiety, and their anxiety into hatred. Check out what Antifa just did to Trump supporters at a San Francisco rally. The hate is ALL on the left.

I don’t know what resistance under a Biden-American Communist regime would look like. I hope not to find out. All I know: Maybe Joe and his smug totalitarians shouldn’t be quite so complacent.




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