My Comments from the Pence – Harris Debate

The following are the comments I posted live on Facebook and Twitter last night, during the VP debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence:

“Nonpartisan” commission on presidential debates? They must be kidding.

CIVILIZED Americans deserve a civilized debate. The Americans who support looting and rioting are not civilized.

Wow. I thought nobody could be more insincere and cold than Hillary Clinton. Meet Kamala Harris. She is WRETCHED.

Mike Pence is a decent guy. He must understand that THE DEMOCRATS DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANYONE’S HEALTH. They care about power. They are sociopaths and tyrants.

How I would LOVE a debate on the rights of the individual versus the “rights” of the mob. THAT would be meaningful. Not who “cares” more.

Kamala says the Trump administration asks “too much”? Democrats are the ones demanding PERMANENT, TOTAL LOCKDOWNS, mandated vaccines, national mask mandates, gun confiscation, nationalization of private property and the TOTAL annihilation of the Bill of Rights. Is she kidding?

Kamala admits it: If President Trump recommends a vaccine, it’s ineffective. If a Democratic donor group or a career government bureaucrat recommends it, she’ll take it. So much for science.

Mike Pence is decent and we would be safe if he were President. But we do not live in a gentleman’s era, sadly. Democrats are tyrants. They are dictators waiting to take over every detail of our lives, confiscate our property and obliterate our rights. Stop saying you respect this awful woman, who will destroy us if she ever gets the power she so craves.

Finally, Pence starts to debate. Kamala is pissed. She does not like dissension.

“The economy is now a complete disaster”. BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT SHUT IT DOWN. AND YOU, KAMALA, WANT IT KEPT SHUT DOWN. Put your mask on.

Pence: “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.” Brilliant. Say this to every leftist you know.

The Green New Deal will kill millions more than any virus ever could. Communism is a virus. Kamala and Joe are Communists.

Climate change is not science. It’s dogma. It’s a fundamentalist, totalitarian religion.

With Kamala: FOLLOW THE SWALLOWS. The more she swallows, the more she’s lying.

Trump did not lose the trade war with China. Joe and Hunter lost their income. THE CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY GIVES THEM ALL THEIR MILLIONS.

Kamala thinks it’s strange that socialist, Communist, fascist “world leaders” prefer the Chinese Communist dictator over President Trump. OF COURSE THEY DO.

Somebody remind Kamala: Russia wanted Hillary to win in 2016, not Trump. Dictators preferred her. They knew she could be bought.

We WILL see attacks on ANY non-leftist nominee for the Supreme Court. Forever. Democrats will NOT tolerate dissension. They will stop at nothing, including violence, to get their way. Look at the events of 2020.

Kamala, why does a woman have a right to an abortion BUT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE? She can’t keep her income. She can’t opt out of government schools or government medical care. She can’t disobey your lockdowns. She must comply with the Green New Deal. She must confiscate her guns when your government goons show up. She must wear a mask. Why the right to abort her fetus, but nothing else?

I really feel sorry for any person who buys the utterly insincere verbal swill uttered by this comically phony, gulping, cold-blooded bought-and-sold career politician, Kamala Harris. I tremble for our nation if a majority of people buy this. Or if they pull off a rigged election.

“I will not be lectured to…”
“I will not be lectured to…”
“I will not be lectured to…”
Says the woman who condescended and preached her deceitful, disingenuous Marxist drivel for the entire 90 minutes.

We are fighting with Democrats because THEY ARE THREATENING OUR PHYSICAL SAFETY AND OUR LIBERTY. Relentlessly. They are subverting our Constitution, and even our electoral process. Stop threatening us, leftists. Leave power. Leave us the hell alone. Until you do, the fighting will only increase.