Democrats Lecture US About Hate?!

Biden says, “There is no place for hate in America.” Seriously? Does that include hatred of Republicans? Hatred of capitalism? Hatred of the Second Amendment? Hatred of free speech on social media? Hatred of low tax rates, deregulation and the American military? Hatred of police? Hatred of healthy people who don’t wish to wear masks and quarantine for years? Hatred of people who oppose the fascist Green New Deal? Hatred of high school boys in MAGA hats? Hatred of racial minorities who walk away and reject left-wing dogma? Hatred of campus conservatives or conservative speakers on campus? Hatred of people who don’t want to pay for the health care of illegal immigrants? Hatred of President Trump? IF THERE’S NO PLACE FOR HATE IN AMERICA, JOE, THEN WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE SO HATEFUL?



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