Kamala Harris: Why She’s Not Your Granddaddy’s Democrat

Here’s the problem:

Democrats were always wrong. But they weren’t always bad. Not until Obama; although Obama hid it well. Today’s Democrats make no more pretense. Go back to the 1930s, or even the 1980s, and Democrats almost always opposed violence. Their contradiction? They did support FORCE. Social Security is forced. Medicare is forced. High taxes are forced. Nothing about the Democratic welfare-regulatory state was ever voluntary. If you failed to pay your taxes, or to partake in these programs, men with guns would take you away. They would put you in jail. If you tried to flee jail, they’d shoot you. That’s force. It was also violence — but only indirectly. Only extreme libertarians pointed this out, back then. Ayn Rand stood literally ALL ALONE pointing it out back in the 60s and 70s. But it was always true.

Fast forward to today. To 2020. Leftists still want force. None of that has changed. They want to force you to pay for free college, and free welfare, and free health care, for the entire globe, not just Americans. But now they endorse VIOLENCE, too. Skip the middleman. Take to the streets and burn down businesses until you get what you want. Forget Joe Biden. He’ll be dead soon. Perhaps literally, but already politically, he’s dead. He does not matter, even if he becomes the 46th President. If he manages to beat President Trump and the country doesn’t erupt in a civil war (it might not, because Trump supporters are civil and — quite frankly — sometimes afraid) … then Joe still won’t last long.

Kamala Harris is the future, and the present, of her party. Watch her in action debating Mike Pence tonight. Kamala Harris doesn’t just condone force, as her party always has. She also condones violence. She won’t go out of her way to say so. But it’s true. She’s a former prosecutor. She knows a criminal mind. I believe she HAS a criminal mind. She supports the use of VIOLENCE to attain the ends that voting won’t attain. That’s why she openly and unashamedly supports Black Lives Matter and Antifa, two mob-based groups who rely on violence to force people to go their way. And voter fraud? Sure! Bring it on. But she, and the rest of her party, from AOC on down, are all about violence. They tell you so. They say: “Give us the Supreme Court we want — or we’ll blow it up.” If they don’t say it, they applaud it; that’s the same thing. I actually think they LIKE violence. They are Marxist revolutionaries, at heart (if you can call that heart). They seek the violent overthrow of capitalism. Not because they hate money (they love it); but because they hate the people who create it. It’s a deep sickness. The human mind, at its best, creates wealth and prosperity. These are professional politicians. They are parasites. They resent and hate the people who produce. They know they could never create wealth, not honestly. Perhaps because they hate themselves for loving wealth.

I live in an openly leftist town. On the surface, it’s blue. Behind the scenes … not so much. Privately, many, many people I know are Trump supporters. Or Republicans, conservatives or libertarians of some kind, who will certainly vote for Trump. Hundreds of them — literally hundreds, as I know them personally — beg me not to tell anyone. But none of them will put a Trump sign in their yard. Rationally, they know they will be met with vandalism — or worse violence. Certainly their businesses will perish, so they believe. I don’t have a sign, either. I understand. I don’t want property damage. But there comes a point where … how far will we let them go? They’re thugs in suits and dresses. But thuggery is still thuggery, isn’t it? The Biden signs are everywhere. That’s how it is: Because everyone knows that leftists and Democrats no longer care about using the electoral process to promote force. That’s old school. Today, it’s all about violence.

I’m not just talking about the creeps who run the Democratic Party. I’m talking about many of your neighbors, friends and relatives. They’re complicit. Think Nazi Germany. How could good, normal people who did normal, reasonable things in their daily lives let Nazi Germany happen? Just look at how the average Democrat acts today. Not just on Facebook and Twitter. But everywhere. Do you think they’re not capable of turning a blind eye to monstrous actions? Quite honestly: I believe most of them are. In due course, we may know for sure.

Think of all this as you watch Kamala Harris in action. SHE’S the one to watch. Nobody’s paying attention to her. But believe me: She’s YOUR future. She, and her attitudes, will be in your face; in your daily life. Just a few months from now. It’s that real.

If you don’t deliver President Trump and Republicans a landslide — a massive, undeniable one — then Kamala Harris, and all she represents, is your future. Just weeks from now. And once you have a government run by someone like her, it won’t matter if you’re a Democrat, or even if you voted for her. Once you’re on the wrong side of a dictator, you’re done. No matter who you are.



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