Earth to Leftists: Pro-Freedom Positions ARE NOT THE SAME AS RACISM

Michelle Obama recently ranted in a video that President Trump, and his supporters, are “stoking fears” about “black and brown” Americans.

The evidence, please?

Calling for lower tax rates has nothing to do with race. Lifting regulations on business has nothing to do with race.

Preventing federal, state and local governments from using COVID as an excuse to force the entire economy to shut down, forever, is not a matter of race.

Supporting a strong military, and eliminating terrorists like ISIS and Iran’s terrorist organization, has nothing to do with race.

Supporting capitalism over socialism has nothing to do with race. Saying that my money belongs to ME, and your money belongs to YOU, is an idea that transcends race, and applies to all races.

Supporting the existence of a police force, instead of letting cities descend into anarchy, as Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York and other cities already have, is not a race issue.

Saying the United States SHOULD have borders, instead of being border-free, and that the legal citizens should not be paying for the schooling, health care, welfare, child care and college tuition of every single non-citizen on the planet, is a matter of simple justice — not race.

I am SICK of being called a racist for supporting positions that have nothing to do with race, and everything to do with rationality and justice — applied equally to all individuals.

Michelle Obama, and people like you: Please stop lying. And shut the hell up until you’re prepared to say truthful things.



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