Democrats Set the Stage for the Perfect Crime

Democrats have set up the perfect scenario; the perfect crime.

1) Tell the public, over and over, that President Trump is a dictator and won’t leave the White House.

2) Ensure a Biden victory with fraud. Do things at the state and local level like say it’s OK to count ballots days or weeks after the election, and leave the whole process in the hands of the overwhelmingly Democratic Party-supported postal service. Count on a compliant media and “deep state” government to back them up. If that fails, and President Trump exposes them, turn it back on him: “See? We told you he’s a dictator! He won’t leave!”

The question is: On whom will this work? Democrats and leftists only talk to each other. They only listen to media that tells them half truths, things that confirm all their biases. They only listen to experts who confirm their beliefs; they vilify anyone else who offers evidence to the contrary. Clearly this election fraud crime will work on such people. But Democrats had their votes anyway.

The danger here is the fraud. Fraud can work, if people are compliant or confused enough. President Trump is the head of the executive branch of the federal government. Elections are controlled, almost exclusively, by state, county and local officials. Many of the battleground states are run by Democrat governors, as in Pennsylvania, or by Democrat local officials, as in many Florida districts. The integrity of the election will depend on these officials. Rest assured they feel justified in doing ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING to ensure President Trump leaves the White House.

We have many grave issues affecting us. The First and Second Amendments, the core of our Bill of Rights are under attack by the left. Capitalism vs. Communism — that’s literally now the choice. Individual rights vs. totalitarian state control, a sampling we’ve seen with the COVID fascism mostly orchestrated by Democratic leftists. THIS is our future. And the future is just months away. There will be no going back.

But there’s no bigger issue than election fraud. This one election is the only — and last — chance to reassert any element of the original American concept of freedom. If the election goes to the Democrats, it will send the message that the far left, AOC-type radical socialist/Communist extreme wing has won. And if they win by fraud — and even if they know we know it — it will empower them to go on and do far worse things than the election fraud itself. Like all criminals, they will be empowered by the fact they got away with it.

The integrity of this election in 2020 is the most important, momentous moment in American history since the outcome of the Civil War. It’s even more so, in some ways. Because if America goes down, then the whole world goes down. There will be no more freedom anywhere. Look at what happened in Hong Kong. The Chinese Communist Party took it over recently. There’s no more freedom now. All of China is Communist now. One party, no free speech, no gun rights, no freedom of association, no freedom of religion — nothing that annoys the one-party government.

That will be the case with the ENTIRE WORLD if we lose President Trump and the Republicans, the only firewall left. There will be no “last, best hope of earth.” In “We the Living”, by Ayn Rand, set in early Communist Russia, the citizens of the new Soviet state always talked of hope by “escaping abroad”. “Abroad” meant the U.S., or the freer nations in Europe. They knew life existed outside totalitarianism.

If the Democratic totalitarians get their way with this election fraud, there will be no more “abroad”. Not for anyone. If you love your children or grandchildren — or even if you love your own life — you had better think hard about resisting what’s going on. This is your last chance.



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