America: The Transition from Freedom to Sheep Won’t Be Pretty

Communist fascist Democrats require sheep. They WANT us to be sheep. They NEED sheep. Only sheep will submit. Only sheep will buy their insane narratives, myths, fantasies and delusions. Look at us in 2020. Millions of us ARE sheep. More than I ever realized.

However, there’s a cost for everything. Once we’re all sheep, there will be no more innovation. No more risk-taking. No more brain-power.

Sheep are not thinkers. Sheep don’t put men on the moon, create brilliant technology, great works of art. Sheep don’t innovate. Check out the Middle Ages. That was an era of sheep — and massive, controlling government. Science waned, prosperity disappeared, and all of life stagnated (at best). Check out Soviet Russia, Venezuela, Cuba. Ditto. Where the sheep prevail, the quality of human life collapses.

America will be no different. On our current course — unless massively reversed — America will be the land that created the greatest economy and series of human innovations in all of human history. And then went flat.

But I guess it’s worth it, right? So long as we get free health care, free college and a guaranteed minimum income (starting at $600/week please). So long as we get rid of Trump. So long as we defund the police. And, most of all, so long as nobody gets COVID.

Well, I hope the sheep are ready for some impoverishment, and a fall like the world has never seen. These are not your granddaddy’s Communists. Those Communists were OK with poverty. Not today’s Communists. Communists, in the 21st Century, love their money. Look at all the rich Communists — Soros, Zuckerberg, the Clinton crime family, the Biden crime family, the Obamas, the Pelosis, all of them. They model themselves after the wealthy Chinese Communist Party officials. They love wealth. But once they turn all of us into sheep, the wealth will disappear. And it won’t be back.



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