Democrats, Like Most Sociopaths, are Smart–But Not Wise

Democrats hope to win the Presidency by creating chaos and confusion. Of all things, they have chosen the nearly defunct, dysfunctional post office to preside over the chaos. Even if it works, what will they win? An illegitimate President in the eyes of millions, even a majority. Probably more civil unrest than we’re already seeing, and perhaps mass civil disobedience. President Trump will not disappear from the public arena.

The Trump supporters love the Constitution. Democrats–who detest the Constitution and now consider it irrelevant–are counting on the conservative love of Constitution to lead Republicans to bow down to a Biden presidency. Will it work? It can’t. You cannot foster cooperation and loyalty by cheating people, by attempting to rig the conclusion right in front of your victims’ eyes. Like many criminals and sociopaths, Democrats may be smart. But they are not wise.



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