Why Democratic Leftists are Violent

Democratic political leaders have given token statements denouncing violence and rioting in cities across America, but have failed to take meaningful action, former NFL running back Herschel Walker told Fox News Friday night.

“It’s not [a] peaceful [protest] when they say you have got to disperse,” Walker told host Jon Scott in response to reports of a third night of unrest in Louisville following a grand jury decision in the Breonna Taylor case. “It means you have got to go home, [but] they didn’t go home. They moved to another place.” [Source: Fox News online 9-26-20]

Of course. Leftism, fascism, Communism…they all rely on the use of FORCE. Communism is not voluntary. None of Joe Biden’s proposals to nationalize the economy, hand over your guns and submit to government lockdowns are voluntary. It makes total sense that his supporters practice force and coercion. They seek to make such full-scale coercion the law of the land. You think 2020 is bad for liberty, peace and prosperity? You haven’t seen ANYTHING yet. Not if they keep getting their way.



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