There is No Right to “Change”

When Obama ran for President in 2008, he yammered on constantly about “change”. It was the non-violent version, at least at first. By “change” he meant gradual but decisive movement toward a more complete socialism.

Today’s radicals, whom Obama and all other Democrats now unhesitatingly support, likewise scream about “change”. Only they really mean it. And they are prepared to kill for it … right now.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why anyone would think “change” is uplifting. The kind of change advocated by the “change agents” in the streets of Portland, Chicago, New York and everywhere else isn’t any different from an armed robber breaking into your house and proclaiming, “I’m here to change things.” Well, that armed robber certainly is here to change things — from the peace, tranquility and privacy of your cherished home/family to looting, insecurity, robbery, despair and (if necessary in his eyes) murder. On top of that, he wants to eliminate your right to (1) call the police OR (2) own a weapon to defend yourself.

“Change” of this kind is lunacy. It’s terrorism — no different from the terrorism the armed criminals who hijacked airliners back on 9/11/01 perpetrated. If anything, it’s worse. Why? Because it leaves us with no peace, no prospect, no rights, no order, no economy – -literally no hope of any kind. After 9/11, we recovered. If the terrorists of BLM, Antifa and the Democratic Party elites get their way, we will (at best) soon resemble Venezuela.

I challenge any leftist or Biden-voting Democrat to challenge one iota of what I’m saying. I challenge them to prove that ANY of the change they’re after will do anything to benefit anyone who’s not a criminal, a thug, or a nihilistic terrorist. I know they won’t, because they can’t. Their repetitive, mindless shriek of the label “racist!” is all they’ve got. Reason and reality are not on their side. Heaven help us all if they manage to seize power after November 3. Personally, I think they will endeavor to do so by any means necessary. Their elites — Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, all of them — have already told us so.

I suppose, after that point, the majority of Americans (who still seem to be under a state of intellectual sedation) will start to grasp what “change” really is all about.



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