Therapy Can’t Help Some People

Democratic Kansas State House candidate Aaron Coleman on Sunday admitted to abusing his ex-girlfriend and said in a statement that “Medicaid for All” could have helped prevent his actions.

“We must strive to create a society safe for women, which we currently do not do,” Coleman said in a statement on Twitter. “I believe if we had more early childhood education funding, and taught what healthy interpersonal relationships look like, my ex and I would have been less toxic to each other.”

“(We) must pass Medicaid for All so people can receive counseling and mental health support based on need for treatment and not ability to pay,” Coleman continued.

I’ve got news for this guy: If you have that kind of savagery and aggression inside of you, then you’re not as likely to benefit from therapy as you think. The man-child who hit his girlfriend would be the same one who’d insist, “I don’t need therapy.”


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