It’s Not “Social Justice”; It’s Blackmail

Aaron Coleman, age 23, running as a Democrat for the House of Representatives from Kansas, confessed to brutally attacking his girlfriend. His excuse? We didn’t have Medicaid for All, he said. If we had Medicaid for All, boyfriends wouldn’t savagely attack their girlfriends. Unless we get Medicaid for All, the violence will continue.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa tear cities to shreds. Their excuse? We won’t defund the police. And we won’t redistribute wealth more than we already do. Until we do both of these things, they say, they will continue to tear our cities to shreds. And, they promise, they’re coming for us in the suburbs and rural areas too. What do you think they will do after we no longer have police, should we give in to their demands?

They call it “social justice” warfare. It’s not social, and it’s not just. It’s warfare all right — the most brutal, unprovoked and unjustified kind. It’s the kind of warfare you’d see if you gave loaded weapons, or nuclear bombs, to a group of rowdy five-year-old children.

In a different era, we called this blackmail.

Blackmail is when you threaten to burn down someone’s house, disarm them or even kill them, unless you do what they want you to do. It used to be illegal. Not only do these thugs get away with it in cities run by far-left mayors, but they’re aided and abetted by wealthy celebrities and the very powerful, very rich mob known as the Democratic Party.

We used to call wealthy perpetrators of violence mobsters. Today millions of us seek to call them Mr. President and Ms. Vice President.

The worst part of all? We’re told to look on it all as morally virtuous. The mobs and thugs don’t merely destroy buildings and make threats. They’re after your soul. In reports of what goes on in places like Portland, Seattle and Chicago, the mobs gang up on people whom they deem deserving of such intimidation, and demand they relent and apologize — for being white, for being “privileged” or whatever the perceived offense is said to be.

THIS is what going after people’s souls look like. It’s the worst kind of warfare there is. I thought the Jihad waged by similar terrorists who provided us with 9/11 (19 years ago) was bad. Even I never thought I’d live to see something worse — in America, of all places. Thank you for this, public schools, universities, academia, corporate tech giants like Facebook and media. You’re killing America — and you expect us to applaud you for it.



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