Savage Nazi Democrats in Portland Try to Blind Federal Officers

I just listened to Ken Cuccinelli, of U.S. Homeland Security, on The David Webb Show. He described the attacks by Antifa/BLM terrorists against federal officers in Portland, Oregon. Hundreds of federal officers have been injured by these savages. One of the most common injuries? Laser weapons. Apparently, you can buy these on Amazon. The goal of the “peaceful” protesters was to permanently blind as many federal officers as they could. Keep in mind, these officers were there to defend federal property and also the private property and lives of Portland residents, since Oregon’s governor and Portland’s mayor will not permit the local police to do so. The federal officers were not assaulting these “protesters.” The “protesters” were not acting in self-defense. Their stated, explicit goal, according to Cuccinelli, is to overthrow the U.S. government. Even Portland’s mayor, who openly sides with and excuses the terrorists at every turn, is not radical enough for them.

THESE are the kinds of people the Democratic mayor of Portland and the Democratic governor of Oregon openly support. Their siege would not have dragged on beyond a day if the mayor and governor were on the other side — that is to say, on the side of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the laws of their own state.

It’s more sad, shocking evidence that one of America’s two major political parties is actively on the side of terrorists who seek to destroy the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the very idea of individual rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. It doesn’t get any more evil than this. That’s one more reason why I claim the Democratic Party is now America’s Nazi Party. Quite frankly, given the events of this year — and the depressing, resigned complacency and compliance of most Americans — we haven’t seen anything yet. I believe the Democrats, as we know them, may be capable of even worse than the Nazis and the Communists. I’m referring to the “mainstream”: Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and all of them. They are certainly on the same anti-individual, anti-liberty and openly violent side as Hitler’s National Socialists and Stalin’s or Castro’s Communists were. Biden’s possible pick for VP is an open supporter of Fidel Castro’s Communism.

America is in trouble. Perhaps as never before. These aren’t just “riots” that will pass. It’s a civil war. It’s an attack on our freedom, just as relentless as the attacks by our corrupt officials who make us wear masks, shut down churches, restaurants, and who threaten to send in the storm troopers if we have a party in our home (as is happening now in California). We have to do something about it. It’s not going to be pretty. But as we continue to let them get away with everything they’ve been getting away with — particularly COVID tyranny and the open, essentially deliberate and savage destruction of America’s cities — it looks like we’re just going to have learn that the hard way. Except for a minority of people (like myself) who are mad as hell about this, all I see or sense in America are complacency, compliance, and resignation. Tyrants and terrorists are like wild animals. They sense resignation, like all abusive narcissists and sociopaths, and they prey on it. If you don’t believe me, just LOOK AT THE NEWS.

And remember: “Mainstream” Democrats are OK with all this. You won’t hear Joe Biden complain about it. You won’t hear the Democrats you personally know condemn any of it. AOC and Ilhan Omar are cheering it. They now run that party. In their minds, anything that harms Trump (and by extension, his supporters) is good enough for them. But it’s not just Trump they’re after. It’s any remnant of human liberty. They detest freedom. They are cruel, indifferent and violent tyrants.

Most people in Portland, Oregon, will vote for more of the same, for as long as we keep having elections. They actually WANT this. In spirit if not in style, they are no better than the savages in the streets. Suicide is not admirable. The rest of us have to start thinking about how we’re going to respond to this. Sure, start by voting for Trump in November — in droves. Wipe the Democrats off the political map. But even that won’t be enough. These people are on the rampage, and the Democratic Party is behind them. It’s healthy to have two or more political parties in a free society. But the Democratic Party is as devoted to the destruction of American freedom as any of our past enemies.



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