Democrats Are the American Nazis

Democrats are “facilitating” riots and violence in major American cities and encouraging “radical leftists” who are threatening Americans, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said Tuesday on “Hannity.”

Precisely. This is why we must face the difficult truth we are already in a civil war. Or simply a war against an organized, invasive enemy with no regard whatsoever for individual rights or the U.S. Bill of Rights. Leftist mayors and governors tyrannize citizens with a mostly nonfatal virus as an excuse. And they terrorize cities by aiding, encouraging and possibly even planning violent attacks against lives and property.

They have shut down most businesses and schools, and are literally holding Americans hostage so they may use “cheat by mail” as a means of acquiring full power–a coup– without being legitimately elected. But even a legitimate election would not legalize or justify their efforts to defy the U.S. Constitution and turn America into a socialist prison camp.

If the Democrats are not America’s Nazis, then what would American Nazis look like?



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