Mail-In Voting COULD Backfire on Democrats

Don’t get me wrong. I’m TOTALLY against mail-in voting. Democrats are doing it because it’s a way for them to cheat. Let’s be real. Democrats are totalitarians. They are not good people; they are sociopaths and have no conscience. Republicans and independents, while not perfect, are, on the whole, far better people than leftists. This gives Democrats the edge in cheating, because they feel entitled to do so. Nothing would stop them. We know that.

At the same time, I think back to what happened after the 2016 presidential election. The first thing Hillary Clinton’s campaign did was demand recounts in swing states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. I remember reading that as the recount returns came in, Trump was MORE ahead of Hillary, not less, than in the original count. Hillary immediately cancelled the recount, and Democrats moved on to Russia-gate. We know the rest.

The point? Cheating and manipulation often backfire. Especially when people are paying attention. President Trump’s supporters are not naive fools. MAGA is not the movement of a George Bush or a Mitt Romney. President Trump calls leftists out on everything. He calls the media out on their lies, to the point where nobody now believes the media other than people predisposed to hate Trump (and all Republicans) in the first place. And he’s entirely right to call them out ahead of time on the November election. You have to say to liars and abusers: “I know what you’re doing. And it’s not OK. I am not going to tolerate it.” And you have to mean it. These are criminals we are dealing with; not just corrupt politicians. They are the American Nazis. Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, AOC – all of them. They are capable of anything.

I read on Fox News today that what’s different about mail-in voting is that election officials mail out ballots to people — whether they request the ballots or not. Yes, Democrats plan to use this as a method of cheating. But what if it backfired? We hear daily about the “silent majority”. What if the silent majority, in disproportionate numbers, mailed back ballots that favored President Trump and Republicans/conservatives running in Congress? What if this were the surprising outcome of mail-in voting?

No, I wouldn’t count on it. I wouldn’t count on anything that’s controlled by Democrats. Democrats are Communists. They are advocates of brute force, and fraud is nothing to them. But fraud has a way of backfiring. Leftist schemes often backfire. Remember Obamacare? Being sociopaths and narcissists, they will never admit error and they will blame the innocent for their failings. But their schemes generally backfire, as anything irrational and deceitful does.

A part of me still wonders if we’ll even have an election in November. Because if Democrats become fearful that Biden will lose, they are capable of ANYTHING, as we already know from COVID tyranny and the insane defunding of police in leftist Democrat-run cities. But a lot of things have yet to play out. Nazism and Communism fell, in the end. Sadly, they fell only after millions perished. Nazism went on for over a decade, and Soviet Communism went on for generations. Chinese Communism continues to victimize billions today.

America has to avoid that fate. Outcome is not assured. There are millions of stupid, gullible and frankly evil people who will support Democrats under any circumstances. Most Democrats I have personally encountered (not all, but most) are truly nasty, mean-spirited people. I honestly can see any of them supporting the twenty-first century equivalent of human cattle cars, concentration camps or whatever the leftists have yet to pull out where they have enough power. That’s why we’re smart to arm ourselves. We are in a civil war right now; it has already started, and in some respects the leftists are winning. Just look at all the people wearing masks and tell me leftists are not winning. But there are millions more — hopefully a majority — who simply won’t let this continue to happen. It’s our only hope. The fate of America will be determined very, very soon.

We may not live in the most honorable and uplifting of times. But we live in truly important times.




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