The End of America’s Cities

I heard a great point today: What’s the point of living in cities? Consider Manhattan, Chicago or Los Angeles. Those are very expensive places to live. What’s the point anymore? Even if you like cities? Consider the things people like about cities: Culture, theater, restaurants, exciting shops. Those things are all gone, thanks to COVID lockdowns. The lockdowns are not simply the product of people’s fear. Those lockdowns are the product of (1) deliberately distorted reporting of “facts” to hurt Trump, and bring down the economy; and (2) government overreach and tyranny.

The point is: The lockdowns are here to stay, at least for awhile. So how can you enjoy the cities? You can’t go to a restaurant. If you do, it’s not the same. They’ll take your temperature in some places, and under government order they’ll “ask” you to provide your cell phone number, name and address so the government may track you. They won’t let you sit at the bar or near another table. Restaurants are not the same experience. Staff members wear masks. You can’t tell if they’re smiling or frowning, you can’t convey body language and often you can’t hear what they’re saying. You’re forced to wear masks when you get up to go to the bathroom, enter or leave the restaurants. The REALLY woke twits eat with their masks on (I actually have witnessed this), moving the mask only to insert food down the slot as needed. It’s creepy and disgusting. I used to LOVE going to restaurants. For me, that time has passed, and I honestly don’t believe the old days are going to come back. Why? Because (1) most people appear to be sheep who will put up with anything; (2) in the entire history of humanity, once government officials get power they never surrender it; they only expand it.

Theaters are closed. I believe Broadway is done for, at least for a year and maybe two. By then, it won’t be profitable to reopen, assuming politicians in control of New York City and state decide to surrender their power. They won’t. Either they never will let theaters open again, or they’ll run them like Communists would … because, as we know, they all are Communists. Or, even better, they’ll simply make everyone wear masks EVERYWHERE AND FOREVER, probably actors and singers too, thereby ruining the experience as virtually everything else has been ruined in four short months across the once civilized world.

And now, if you live in a city, you have to face having no police. Police are no longer woke. So when it comes to crime … well, you’re on your own. That’s bad news for city dwellers, most of all. The cities have either outlawed your right to own a gun, or made it so difficult and cumbersome to get one that you’ll have to postpone your life for 3 years just to focus on buying a gun. But you must have a gun, because the police will no longer defend you. They can’t, because it’s politically incorrect to fight back against a killer, looter, thief or even a rapist (where the hell are feminists when you need them?) They’re going to release all or most of them from prison. Prisons are no longer woke. So why on earth would you want to live anywhere NEAR a city?

I realize some people don’t like cities under any circumstances, and that’s fine. But millions do prefer cities, which is why they live in or near them. How can they possibly do so now? They will have to pay HUGE property taxes, especially in places like New York and California, to keep paying for schools that WILL NOT BE OPEN AGAIN FOR A LONG, LONG TIME. Again, what’s the point?

America may be falling. But America also may be starting over. The Communist leftist Democrat governors and mayors have literally DESTROYED everything worthwhile about cities. They’re just getting started. And they will still be in office after President Trump hopefully gets reelected. President Trump can keep the rest of the country reasonably safe and sane, but I believe it’s now too late for cities. If you think I’m wrong, then tell me what gives you hope.




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