“Progressives” Turned Most of Us Into Infants; Now They Control Us

Something is deeply wrong in our society. The political situation is horrible, obviously. But it’s deeper than that. For example, there’s the psychological state of most American adults. Something has to be off. Nearly all of us have been trained by media, government and government-run schools to think and feel like children. To feel helpless. To feel dependent. To feel, think and say things like, “Well, I’ve just about had it with these masks and lockdowns. I can’t wait until it’s over. I don’t know anyone with this COVID. I’m sure somebody has it, but it can’t be that horrible. There aren’t mass deaths. When will they let us go back to normal?”

“When will they LET us?” THAT’S not the mentality of a free adult. That’s the mentality of a child. Or of a person who is treated like a child by his government. But in the end, we’re our own victimizers. In America, which was once a free country, it wouldn’t be possible to turn adults into children without their consent. Free adults think this way: “The virus overreaction is all B.S. It’s about the election, and it’s about control. Of course there’s a virus. But most aren’t dying from it. It does not justify anything that’s going on. And what the hell is it with these riots? You can rape, loot, pillage and burn without consequences now, in many of our cities? This is insane. We should storm the palace gates of these governors and mayors — literally, if necessary — until they do their job or get the hell out. Much of our country is being run by thugs. Or people who support and enable thugs, which is the very same thing!”

Do some people think and feel like free adults? Of course. I do. Most of the people reading this post do. But many, many others do not. Because the palace gates have not been stormed. Nor has there been any discernable noncompliance or rebellion. Everywhere you go, people put up with it. Many resent it; but they’ll never rebel. They’ll never fail to comply. Others — the sick ones — don’t mind it; they actually like being pushed around. But that’s their problem. It should not be everyone else’s too.

Let’s be real. The Democrats and the leftists are — as of this moment — winning. I’m not saying they will win, in the end. But the longer we put up with THEIR manufactured crises, THEIR dictatorship and tyranny and THEIR open endorsement of thugs, the sooner the end of freedom will come. I hope like anything we haven’t lost our freedom for good. But it sure FEELS like we have, given all the things we can no longer do that we used to be able to do in this free country. Remember schools? Theaters? Restaurants? Ball games? Church? Large parties? Even if you didn’t participate in all these things, wasn’t it nice to have the option to do so … not with government consent, but as your BIRTHRIGHT?

Here’s a quote from Daren Jonescu that sums up the Democratic leftist desire to turn us into children:

“Among the various ways that modern leftism benefits from its systematic promotion of infantilism is that perpetual children lack the basic courage that is essential to the maintenance of liberty. A courageous adult will not trade his freedom, let alone that of others, for a ‘social safety net.’  Thus, leftists are deeply invested in cowardice.”

Yes, leftists NEED and WANT us to be cowards. To be weak. To be compliant, selfless and non-assertive.

If we’re to overthrow our oppressors, we must want to overthrow them. And to do that, most of us first have to grow up.

I sure hope there’s a silent majority out there. But if the silent majority doesn’t speak up with a ferocious roar — and soon — we will find ourselves silenced forever.



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