America Does Not Have a Police Problem … It has a GOVERNMENT problem

We do not have a police problem. We have a GOVERNMENT problem. Police enforce the law. If you think the police are too heavy-handed, it’s the politicians who made them that way. Cities like New York, Los Angeles and Minneapolis are 100 percent controlled by leftists. Leftists seek unlimited laws and unlimited government power. If you doubt me, look at the permanent lockdowns. If you want less intrusive police, FIRST you must get rid of intrusive government. That means doing the things no leftist desires: limiting the role of government to protection of individual rights to life, liberty and property. That’s all. We DO need police for that. And if that’s ALL the police were required to do, the police would not be a problem. Instead, we demand the police control people’s drug use, force them to wear masks when there’s a bad flu going around, confiscate their guns even when they’re peaceful, on and on and on.

Police are not the problem. GOVERNMENT is. Governments run by leftists are the biggest problem of all. And if you think leftists have no plans to replace the police they’re defunding with agents of coercion and control far, far worse than anything America has ever seen … then you are too gullible for words.



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