The Creepy Dr. Fauci

Joe Biden promises to keep Dr. Fauci on his perch if elected President. Of course he will. Dr. Fauci is a political animal. So is Joe Biden. That’s how Joe Biden and his worthless son made millions off the American taxpayer, the Chinese Communist government, the Ukraine and who-knows-what-else.

The most disturbing thing about Dr. Fauci is what he does to manipulate the American people. He hides behind science and medicine — things which, at their best, people are right to respect and honor. He exploits this respect and honor by playing with people’s emotions. When Dr. Fauci decides you need to be more afraid, as is the case now, he talks about tens of thousands of people who will die over the next few weeks. “Get frightened now!” he screams. He did this back in April, and now he’s doing it again. In April, Americans were facing a new Pearl Harbor, according to President Trump, who listened to Dr. Fauci at that time. It never materialized, as we know. The actions of politicians have been far more devastating than the virus has yet to become.

At other times, when Dr. Fauci thinks the economy is more of a concern, he talks about the need to reopen schools and businesses. It doesn’t seem to trouble him that from one day to the next he says completely opposite things. If this isn’t a major red flag to you, then you’re overly trusting and gullible. Work on that!

Dr. Fauci appears to assume that most Americans are like tiny children, incapable of comprehending anything beyond the range of the immediate moment. He calls it science, which is kind of like an adult reassuring a child, “There, there, you can trust everything I say, because I would never hurt you.” While many parents and adults are truly benevolent and some are often right, adults are often wrong, as all children eventually discover. And there’s nothing benevolent about Dr. Fauci. He’s (at best) a manipulating crank, a career bureaucrat-turned-politician with a medical degree that did NOT train him to rule the entire planet. If you’re still listening to him, then YOU are part of the problem.

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