Leftists Confess their Racism in Every Word they Utter

Leftists are truly the most racist of them all. By labeling a free country based on capitalism “white supremacy”, they confess their actual belief: That blacks cannot make it in a free country. They’re basically saying to black persons, “You can’t make it under freedom. We tried it, for over a hundred years. We know it sucks. It’s not your fault. The fault is freedom. Let’s make everyone NOT free. Then you won’t look so bad.”

They’d never put it this way. But this is what every one of their actions imply. Pulling down Mount Rushmore as “white supremacist” is only the latest. That monument symbolizes freedom. It’s deeper than capitalism. Capitalism only means freedom applied to property. Leftists are no longer after just capitalism. They’re after freedom itself. They’re after your mind, your body, your soul — as well as your bank account. The argument they choose to make in favor of slavery-for-all amounts to: “Blacks can’t handle freedom. Therefore, we have to get rid of freedom. If you don’t agree, then you’re racist, and you hate blacks.”

I challenge anyone to find anything more racist and contemptible ever uttered by the KKK or advocates of Jim Crow laws in the ancient American South. The KKK did it openly. The leftists smuggle it in — which in a way, makes them even worse.

Of course these leftist racists are wrong. Racism is a vicious falsehood that reduces everyone to his DNA-content, rather than his or her individual self, choices and soul. But leftists have pushed far too many into drinking the poison. I’m not sure I have met anyone who really believes it. But they’ve got nearly everyone TERRIFIED of being SEEN as not believing it. Terrified of whom? We’re not totally in a dictatorship — not just yet. We are not yet jailed for our views. So what are all these people terrified of? It’s beyond silly. They’re terrified of other people who are similarly TERRIFIED of being SEEN as not believing it. Madness.

Leftism is racism. Leftism is ALL the things it accuses its opponents of being. Unless we all speak up and speak out against this racism, we’ll plunge into a barbaric slavery and intellectual wilderness not seen since the Middle Ages.



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