President Trump is Right: The Media Is Full of BAD PEOPLE

I really like how President Trump continues to refer to the media as “bad people”. They are. Why? Because they pretend to be objective. But they aren’t objective at all. They don’t try to be. They are openly on the side of one political party and one political ideology. That’s fine. But they shouldn’t claim to be journalists. They are ACTING the part of journalists while LIVING the part of hard core propagandists for the left-wing point-of-view and the now hard-left, virtually Communist Democratic Party.

These so-called journalists are not merely biased. Those days are long gone. Bias is subtle. It’s often subconscious, innocent. These people are the worst kind of frauds. They consciously, willfully and gleefully distort and select for facts only to advance their own ideological narratives. They brazenly make things up, when necessary. When caught, they don’t apologize; they just move on, without remorse, like any old sociopath or criminal. They do so while posing with an air of indifference, detachment and objectivity. It’s sickening to watch the typical news journalist. I simply can no longer do it.

It’s sheer propaganda. It’s the greatest fraud ever perpetrated in the history of the human race. The fact it’s not (yet) imposed as a monopoly by a totalitarian government, like the Communist Chinese, only makes it more appalling. You can’t call the people who blindly follow these pseudo-objective phonies “victims”. They are not victims, in most cases. They’re willingly led to slaughter. They basically tell their intellectual rulers, “Please. Lie to me. It feels so good. Especially when you’re lying about Trump!”

The media is destroying us, as a civilization. Look at the lockdowns. Look at the state of anarchy in Seattle, with more to come as leftist governments literally defund the police and replace them with who-knows-what. All of this is made plausible by the fact-bending, totally one-sided ideological lecturing and ruthless dishonest “reporting” of our media.

The capacity and willingness of even decent people to think critically can only stand so much. And most people, thanks to our terribly biased and largely incompetent government-run schools, don’t even know how to think critically.

Anyone who participates in this reality-bending-fest we call “news” is part of the problem. THEY, the “journalists” who work for these intellectual trash heaps, are the ones we should be launching a cultural revolution against.

Instead, media elites and hacks are the ones orchestrating the perpetuation of lies against all things non-far leftist. Their brazen duplicity would make even the propaganda agents for Hitler or Stalin blush.

“Bad people” is too kind a term for those who work for MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, and all the others. America keeps going further and further down, on their watch and with their active help.



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