“Oh, You’re a Conspiracy Theorist”: The Argument from Intimidation

Ayn Rand always warned about the “argument from intimidation.” This refers to people getting you to back away from your fact-based position based on emotional intimidation. For example, “You can’t say X, because you’re white, and that means you have white privilege.” Or, “You’re a man, so you can’t make a comment about what constitutes sexual harassment against a woman.” But what does being white or male have to do with the truth or falsehood of something?

The latest example of the argument from intimidation: “Oh, so you subscribe to a conspiracy theory.” You get this when you challenge the value or justification of continuing coronavirus lockdowns. This comes from the same people who believed, without any evidence, that Russia and Trump falsified election results — in a conspiracy — so that Trump could become President. Despite the obvious fact that any American adversary would prefer a Democratic President — or any President — over Donald Trump. The same people who buy this crap accuse you of being a “conspiracy theorist” if you even suggest that coronavirus lockdowns are about politics, government control or anything other than the safety of individuals. Their naive and dishonest premise: “All the facts and figures that our government gives us are true. Therefore, to question the value of continued coronavirus lockdowns is to question science.”

So we’re supposed to naively assume that state and local governments always give us honest facts and figures in order to continue with lockdowns they clearly never intend to end. Yet in states where the governments are more moderate — let’s say Florida — we are NOT to believe anything they say. And if President Trump cites any figures of any kind, “Well, those are automatically wrong.”

It’s the same with mass events. BLM protests? Antifa looting? Not only is there no coronavirus danger, in those situations. You are RACIST if you even express the concern. You shall be intimidated and perhaps coercively silenced if you suggest an inconsistency. A Trump rally? Why, even planning such a thing will immediately lead to the death of thousands, if not millions. If you go to a Trump rally, or support its existence, then you are no different than a Nazi ordering victims into concentration camps. That’s what the argument from intimidation states these days.

So basically, if you believe anything that supports the continued totalitarian tyranny of state and local governments — as well as the federal government, once they can install a Communist puppet like the decrepit Biden to take over the federal bureaucracy again — then you are rational, scientific and objective. But the moment you point to facts or logic that suggest maybe the lockdown wasn’t necessary, wasn’t the best idea, and wasn’t morally or politically justified — why, you’re a conspiracy theorist. “You don’t believe there even was a coronavirus,” they’ll claim, even though you obviously believe there was. You’re only saying that 100 percent of human activity shouldn’t end because of it.

This is what happens when you allow the inmates to take over the asylum. The inmates are the sociopaths and psychopaths who dominate our media, academic and corporate worlds. For decades, they have been gradually taking over. Now the masks are off, even as they order us to permanently put our masks on. These creepy, evil collectivists care for nothing other than power and money — at any cost. These inmates are turning our once free, prosperous and fairly rational society into a literal asylum.

It will take unblinking courage, strength, critical thinking and confidence to fight back.




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