Jill Biden is an Evil Woman

Imagine the mind and the character of a supposedly loving wife who submits her husband to the mockery and ridicule of running for the most powerful position in the world — while that husband obviously struggles with dementia. What kind of power-lusting sociopath would do such a thing? Joe Biden has been a buffoon for 50 years. He’s been on the wrong side of every issue, including his party’s recent embrace of actual totalitarian Communism and anarchy. All that’s on him.

Something has to be deeply wrong with Jill Biden to WANT to be part of that. But to crave power and money from Chinese connections, and all the rest, SO BADLY that she’ll submit her husband to unthinkable, pathetic humiliation of this kind? The extent to which Joe Biden’s mind is going — and it obviously is — reveals the degree to which SHE is responsible for letting it happen. Jill Biden must be one of the most evil women alive.



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