Trouble in Paradise: Seattle’s Autonomous Zone Already Has a Murder Rate

Well, well, well.

At least two people were shot, one fatally, inside Seattle’s autonomous zone early Saturday morning.

Details on the shooting are scant, but Newsweek reports that “Seattle Police Department radio dispatchers received multiple reports of three to six gunshots around 2:20 a.m.”

The New York Post reports that both shooting victims were driven to a hospital in a private vehicle, but Newsweek noted that police recovered “the second victim [who] had a gunshot wound to the arm and chest.”

The Post cited a local blog post and reported that “a security employee working in the area reported seeing the shooter arrive in a black SUV and a 911 caller told police a man left the vehicle toting a rifle in the early morning hours at the end of Juneteenth celebrations.”

The Seattle Times reported that both victims were treated at Harborview Medical Center, where one of them died.

Seattle police abandoned the area now known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in early June after Eastern Precinct Police Headquarters were set ablaze. KIRO7 reports that police have since limited their responses to situations that “threaten life and safety.” [Breitbart News story here]

It appears that even in leftist, anarchist, Communist, supposedly non-racist Utopia there is a crime problem. Who knew? And this is only the beginning.

These philosophically and psychologically impaired savages seem unable to rule themselves. So how are they supposed to rule the rest of us?

Getting rid of a free press would certainly help. If we had a CHAZ-run or CHOP-run Internet and media, then such inconvenient truths would not have to be reported. And none of us would ever know, correct?

It’s sad and, at times, depressing to see how far adrift America is now from the principles of individualism, liberty and private property that inspired our once great nation. It seems sometimes like those of us who wish to make a dramatic U-turn away from the totalitarian nightmare descending on our nation have an uphill battle on our hands.

But then look at these sociopathic and psychotic fools who have taken over part of a once-vibrant, relatively free American city like Seattle. Their war isn’t really with liberty, free enterprise and private property. Nor are racism and police their biggest foes. Their mortal enemy is reality. They simply cannot pull this off. Reality won’t let them.

Even with the help of an unconditionally supportive mayor, Governor, Democratic Party, fawning corporate America, hard-left Marxist academic establishment and adoring sports/entertainment industry … they just can’t pull it off.

If we can’t find state and local officials who will give these nasty anarchists what they deserve, then what’s the next-best thing? Let them do it to themselves. It’s already starting.



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