Why “Cancel Culture” Thrives on FEAR … YOUR Fear

“Cancel culture” is all about fear. It would not happen without fear.

Probably some leftists find it absurd. But they are AFRAID of being called “racist” by their fellow Democrats. Quite frankly, Democrats are not usually the smartest people. Over the years, I have found most of them to be disappointing adversaries. Consequently, if cancel culture advocates told them to stand on their heads and recite the alphabet backwards — and that failure to do so would mean being called “racist” — then they would willingly comply. ANYTHING not to be called racist.

And as for people on the right, or in the middle … they KNOW all this is absurd. But they’re AFRAID to say so. They’re not really afraid of being misjudged by fools. They’re just afraid of rocking the boat. They’re afraid of losing their jobs or, if they own a business, they’re afraid of losing customers. The irony is that many of their employers or customers agree with them. But they’ll never know it. Because everyone is so afraid.

When fear is rational, it’s life-saving. You look before crossing a street. You make sure you don’t eat or drink poison. You do your best not to get an illness. But when fear is irrational, it’s the most destructive thing there is. FEAR is how we got Nazi Germany. Fear is how human beings lose anything valuable. Fear, when exaggerated or misplaced, brings down people. That’s what I see happening now.

If the so-called “silent majority” learns NOT to be afraid in time, maybe cancel culture will end. But right now, it proceeds on the most targeted track seen since the Maoist Cultural Revolution in Communist China. That “revolution”, by the way, was followed by some of the most insane madness ever to inhabit the earth — even by the insane standards of Communism. THAT’S what’s happening in America, right now. If you’re afraid to stand up to it and be public about your true feelings, then consider the alternative.



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