America’s Turn at Communism

China and Russia were poor and uneducated. They fell to Communism, for that reason. America is 50 percent (at least) filled with vibrant, educated and liberty-loving individualists. America is also, at least in urban areas, sadly dominated by leftist, ignorant twits. But America’s also filled with millions of people who are buying guns, rereading Ayn Rand, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine, homeschooling their kids and mocking the “cancel culture” fools who will never obliterate their values.

How will Communism work out here? Commies have a real battle on their hands, this time. Soulless corporate socialists who virtue-signal and espouse the Party Line, and donate money to the pathetic, demented Joe Biden, well…their hearts aren’t really in it. That’s why I see a Civil War II. It has already started. I am not happy about it. But it sure beats the alternative. We, the rational and the freedom-loving, will NOT go down without a fight. And I believe it will be a fight like the world has never seen. Stay tuned. You live in interesting times.


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