The Psychology of Racism (1920 or 2020, It’s the Same)

The kind of person who makes race the center of his identity has revealed an important psychological fact about himself: That he doesn’t think he’s worthwhile enough to stand on his own individuality. His determination to make YOUR race a central factor, just like he has, is an act of psychological assault. He’s basically saying, “If my race is all that matters about me, then your race is all that matters about you.” He screams, shouts and threatens you, while he’s really shouting at his own plagued subconscious, hurting from the total absence of self-respect. And then you are commanded to celebrate or condemn your own race, based on the narrative of the day.

It’s obscene, by any rational standard. Just as the KKK was an evil racial supremacy movement, today’s far-left thugs are minority racial supremacy movements. The goal is the same. Yet most of us either applaud it or remain silent in shame, embarrassment or fear, while these thugs and terrorists on the anarchist-Communist left (of all races) destroy our civilization and burn our Bill of Rights. Silence is violence all right … but not in the way they mean it.



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