It’s Time to Treat CHAZ/CHOP as a Hostile Occupying Force

Seattle police Chief Carmen Best said Monday there is no “cop-free” zone in the city after a local business owner said he called 911 more than a dozen times when protesters vandalized his business but police never showed up.

OF COURSE there’s a cop-free zone in Seattle. The mayor openly sides with the anarchist-Communists who have taken over part of the city. Why should the police go anywhere near that zone? The police are not the military. The CHAZ or CHOP nutjobs (whatever they call themselves today) are hostile occupiers. If the mayor of Seattle and Governor of Washington state won’t do their jobs, then the President of the United States should — and literally send in the troops to open fire on, or do whatever it takes, to remove them.

“Law and order” resides in the individual right to property. The rights of the store owners and other property owners in downtown Seattle have been annihilated. It’s beyond disgraceful that this is happening in the United States of America. Nothing like this has ever happened in the United States of America. The closest we ever came were the occupying British troops that triggered the American Revolution, and the defiant Confederate troops when they tried to break away from the Union during the Civil War. This is MADNESS. It has to stop.

The obscene becomes ludicrous once you see entertainment, sports and corporate billionaires openly applauding the anarchy. In one breath they scream, “Defund the police.” A few breaths later they proclaim, “Free college, free rent, guaranteed income for all!” How do you even enforce the latter without the former? By what right do you try?

The Democratic Party endorses all this — either through its silence or, as with Seattle’s leftist mayor, open endorsement. She fondly calls these vapid brutes messengers of the “Summer of Love.”

The officials responsible for aiding and abetting these terrorists should be arrested. They should be removed from office because they are violating the rights of the people whose property and other individual rights are being destroyed. The same millionaires proclaiming their love of Communism would NEVER EVER tolerate their rights being violated in this way. It goes beyond hypocrisy, at this point.

President Trump, and other conservatives, are called white supremacists for merely criticizing these insane radicals — most of whom appear to be white, by the way. Imagine the outcry if President Trump did what he’s entitled and obliged to do: Mow these criminals down, get them off the streets, and demand that Washington state officials start enforcing the Bill of Rights again.



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