It CAN Happen Here. It IS Happening Here.

Leftists: “How DARE you go to the health club? Or the restaurant? Or the beach? You are SELFISH AND EVIL. You are shameful. Shelter in place and obey your (leftist) governor!”

Leftists: “How DARE you criticize looters, rioters and anarchists? They are freedom-fighters. They are peaceful. Who said protests must be peaceful? How DARE you challenge their camping permanently on the streets, destroying property and making civilization impossible? You RACIST!”

The irrationality of the MAINSTREAM of the Democratic Party knows no limits. They endorse all this. It’s truly on the level of Nazi Germany. If you know I’m right, then speak up now, to your friends, associates, or wherever you have the ability. Raise hell and let them know there are millions of dissenters. Vote on election day, but don’t wait for election day. We have no idea what these crazies will pull next. They are literally destroying America. If you don’t speak up or at least support the people who are, then you’ll have no business complaining when the fascist leftist control becomes complete.

It CAN happen in America. It already IS happening.


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