Why President Trump is Right to Send in the Troops to Seattle

President Donald Trump told Fox News host Harris Faulkner in an interview that aired on Thursday that if Washington State officials do not fix the situation involving an occupied region in Seattle that the federal government will intervene to solve the problem.

“If there were more toughness, you wouldn’t have the kind of devastation that you had in Minneapolis and in Seattle,” Trump said. “I mean, let’s see what’s going on in Seattle, but I will tell you, if they don’t straighten that situation out, we’re going to straighten it out.”

It’s the same problem as we saw with the lockdown. The problem involves state and local officials violating rights. Governors and mayors overreacted to a virus and crushed the rights of citizens by placing them under an unprecedented house arrest. Now, governors and mayors — afraid of offending far-left constituents and being labeled “racist” — are unwilling to do the obvious to stand up to thugs, terrorists and anarchists who are violating the rights of people in Seattle and other cities.

It’s insane we even need to have this discussion. The mayors and governors are not merely negligent. They are as bad as the domestic terrorists. They pretend to be on the side of rights, while they openly violate the rights of individuals to their property and safety. It’s beyond madness. Anyone who hates President Trump so much they cannot see this is as bad as the thugs taking over Seattle.




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