Bye-Bye, NYPD…and Bye-Bye, New York City

“Reform the police” or “abolish the police”? Based on Governor Cuomo’s bill signed today, they’re basically the same thing. NYPD officials have bluntly said, “We can no longer do our jobs.” If you think police are a necessary thing, and if you live or own property or businesses in New York City, you should be concerned. But leftists only talk to each other. When it comes to abolishing the police, they’re really on the same page. They all think that’s the MORAL thing to do; they only disagree on how practical it is, and how quickly.

Envisioning a world without law enforcement literally amounts to envisioning anarchy as the ideal. “No government” sounds ideal to some. To them, it means no force. But that’s absurd. Human beings will use force against each other with or without a government. The difference is that without a government, all you have is gang warfare. The truly sick and twisted aspect of all this? Democrats who wish to weaken or get rid of the police also want to disarm you. They’re taking away your only two possible means of protection against violent criminals: police, and weapons of self-protection.

How sick is that? How evil is that? Democrats seek to disarm peaceful citizens AND make it impossible for the police to function and survive. But they’ll still give you crappy schools, unlimited social welfare and free health insurance. Oh, and more social workers too.

And you wonder why I call the Democratic Party — along with all the leftist fools who support them — a terrorist movement?


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