Good Luck, Comrades

Violence is bad, say the leftists.

Guns are violent; police are violent. Get rid of both. Then you will get rid of violence. So say the leftists. (Activists for the people are allowed to have guns, of course.)

What about people who choose to be violent? Give them more health care, more income for doing nothing, and more schools. Then they won’t be violent, say the leftists.

What if I don’t agree? What if the facts overwhelmingly prove the opposite? THEN WE, THE LEFTISTS, WILL SMASH YOU TO PIECES. We will destroy your ability to make an income. We will stifle your speech. And, if all else fails, we will imprison or execute you. We’re dictators. It’s what we do.

That’s leftism, in a nutshell. Communism, 20th Century-style or Snowflake Communism 2.0 … they’re exactly the same.

It’s getting worse. Not because they’re strong. But because too many of us are afraid to raise hell and speak out. Too many of us are afraid of being called something that we’re not — racist, etc. It’s too bad. Because when the rational and the decent fade into the background, the crazies and the evil take center stage. For proof, look at Minneapolis and Seattle. More cities will fall, and eventually everything will … unless we act and speak to stop them.

Good luck, comrades.



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