America Held Hostage: By Our Own Government

America’s mayors and Governors — all leftist and Democratic — are holding Americans hostage. Essentially, they’re telling us: “You can’t have your normal lives until we get rid of Trump”. That’s why they won’t lift the lockdowns, other than in token or ridiculous ways. That’s why they won’t permit the National Guard to be activated in their states. That’s why they barely lift a finger to stop the violent mobs of loser thugs whose main purpose is to rid the world not just of President Trump, but of any dissension.

President Trump, in his political incorrectness and total NON-wokeness has become a symbol of dissension. Dissenting views are the one thing that make leftists crazy with rage. Underneath their rage is a profound anxiety. They HAVE to be anxious. Their ideas are crazy. They are wrong about virtually everything. You cannot be as out of touch with reality as these awful creatures are and not be in a profound, chronic state of terror.

President Trump has triggered that terror, and leftist psyches have converted it to rage. Rage serves a psychological purpose: It helps you feel powerful against the thing that frightens you. Watch the daily dilemmas of any four-year-old, and you’ll see it in practice. Most of America’s governors and mayors are just fine with this rage. In their view, it hurts President Trump, and that’s all they care about.

So we — the rational people who still value our lives and freedom — are left to defend ourselves from it all, and even to question the legitimacy of the government itself. Because whatever the future holds, we cannot go on like this.

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