The Best Way to Fix America in 2020

Here’s the platform we need for 2020:

Cut all non defense federal spending 50 percent.

Cut all federal taxes by two-thirds.

Privatize Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security for 40 and under. Simply inform them of what they already know: Those programs will go bust long before you’re 65. Cut payroll taxes for the middle aged, and eliminate payroll taxes for those under 30.

Executive order ending ALL LOCKDOWNS immediately by power of the Bill of Rights. No lockdowns ever again, for any reason. Tyranny is against the law. Arrest Governors and mayors who do not comply.

Send federal troops into cities to arrest all Antifa and Black Lives Matter looters, since Democratic mayors and governors refuse to do so. Treat these terrorists as war criminals.

Above all: Ignore the screams.

America would soar. The best and brightest will flourish. Leftists would collapse in mental breakdowns. A win-win for everyone.

Tell me one thing in this list that’s more radical than what leftist Democrats are doing RIGHT NOW.


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