The Democratic Party is Now a Terrorist Organization

You have to wonder: What do these rioters and looters think they will accomplish? At the end of the day, how will the world be a better place because of what they did? How will their own lives be better?

They’re clearly insane. Insanity includes holding wildly opposing contradictions. The looters are leftists. They want unlimited government. Many of them, undoubtedly, are living off stimulus checks and $50K/year unemployment. Probably all of them get free health care. They want Communism. They don’t know what Communism is, in most cases. But they want it. They think “free stuff, no effort”, and it pleases them on a primitive level.

Communism and socialism, which the looters want, means UNLIMITED government. But at one and the same time, they want to ABOLISH the police. They want there to be NO government. Because without police, you have no government. Yet they want UNLIMITED government programs. It’s catastrophically insane.

Normally, the insane are marginalized and do not matter. But that’s no longer the case in the Democratic Party. And the Democratic Party still matters because the cities these looters are destroying are run — top to bottom — by leftist Democrats. At least half the country is run by Democrats. The Democrats don’t want to come down too hard on the looters … because they AGREE with them. They don’t necessarily want all the looting and destruction (insofar as it is inconvenient to their power), but they agree the anger justifies violence and you certainly can’t lock somebody up for it … not when it involves a leftist motive. You can surely lock up someone who wants to open their barber shop, walk around without a mask, or spend an hour at the health club. Those are Republicans, however. Republicans may always be locked up. But you CANNOT lock up these barbarians.

So here we are. Democrats are on the side of the looters. From Joe Biden (what’s left of him) on down, they are all on the side of the looters. Their only response is not to arrest them, nor to condemn them in any way. Their only response is to blame Trump. If we can get rid of Trump, I suppose, then the looting will stop. So what is this? Blackmail? The Democrats are holding America hostage? That’s what terrorists do!

The Democratic Party has to go. We now know: The Democratic Party is a terrorist organization. What more proof do you need? We can’t have a party with even a little bit of power who supports the enslavement of the entire population through a bizarre, contradictory mix of Communism and anarchy. I don’t know how else to put it.

Unless we vote ALL Democrats out of office this fall, national and local, then America is done. We have plenty of issues even with Republicans. But the Democrats have got to go. They will literally finish off America. Possibly even before November, at the rate we’re going.



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