Science and Propaganda: Two Different Things

Follow the science? That’s more B.S. When politicians talk “science”, they really mean propaganda. It’s not science when you present only one set of facts, while leaving out other facts that question or refute your conclusion. That’s propaganda. It’s not science when you threaten, intimidate or reward credentialed scientists, who work for the government, into presenting one-sided views that support the politically desired conclusion. Look how easily Dr. Fauci has been manipulated to change his views by the day. That’s propaganda. It’s not science when you rationalize or even falsify facts to justify policies that your movements have dreamed of for generations — outlawing religious services, providing a guaranteed minimum income so most can live off the government, imposing socialized medicine, banning guns, curbing free speech, and so forth.

What they call “science” is actually rationalization. Rationalization means rigging the conclusion. Hitler and Stalin did it in Germany and Russia, back in the day. It’s precisely what our own corrupt, dishonest political rulers do today. Any society that falls for it deserves what it gets.


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