The Ever-Evolving Wisdom of Dr. Fauci, Feb.-May 2020

Dr. Fauci’s Varied & Sundry Words of Wisdom February-May 2020:

Don’t wear a mask.
The virus won’t be a problem.
The virus is a catastrophe; a million or more will die in April.
Thousands will die in April-May, but no more than H1N1 or the cold/flu.
Mitigation (i.e. lockdown) is a must.
Wear a mask. It will help you.
Mitigation can be relaxed; but a second wave of virus is coming.
Mitigation can be relaxed; and a second wave might not come.
Without mitigation, millions would have died; but if we have a second and third wave of the virus we don’t need so much mitigation.
Economic catastrophe is “inconvenient”.
Economic catastrophe is bad; go back to work.
For God’s sake: Stay home, stay home, stay home. Now and into 2021.
All that matters is eradicating the virus.
It’s psychologically unhealthy to be in lockdowns for months on end, and then later on again; and again.
Continue the lockdowns.
Stop the lockdowns.
There may never be a vaccine.
There will probably be a vaccine by January–maybe sooner.
There may or may not be a vaccine–in January, or ever.
We can’t be back to normal without a vaccine.
We can go back to normal without a vaccine. The virus is here to stay.
The virus must be destroyed. If it isn’t, we’re done.
Wear a mask–it’s your duty!

And you trust everything this man says BECAUSE … ??


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