Coronavirus Madness Enters the College Campus

Masks will be mandatory on campus. Students living in dorms will be grouped into cohorts of a couple dozen peers who take courses together to minimize contact with others.

And students might double as contract-tracers, receiving college credit for helping track down and inform those who came in close proximity of someone diagnosed with the new coronavirus.

The University of Colorado on Tuesday offered the first taste of what a novel, pandemic-adjusted fall semester could look like on the Boulder campus. It’s a plan that is expected to cost the university an additional $10 million to $15 million in accommodations and add-ons needed to operate safely amid the coronavirus pandemic, officials said.

Students, who will not face tuition or fee increases in the fall, are likely to begin a mix of in-person and online courses Aug. 24, then finish up their classes and take finals remotely after Thanksgiving — a move designed to let them head home and stay put rather than risk carrying COVID-19 back to school. [Source: Denver Post]

It’s pitiful and heartbreaking. It’s bad enough that young people get brainwashed by socialism and collectivism throughout high school and into college. But now they must spend their college years in knitted gas masks and following insane, arbitrary rules about walking single file, and the like, that would make an OCD psychiatric patient blush. It’s hideous. All so politicians can preen and pose, claiming that they’re “doing something”. What on earth is wrong with people that they won’t question all this? There should be a revolution in America right now, including one on college campuses that makes the 1960s look like nothing. Is it really just fear of getting a germ with a 99 percent survival rate? It can’t be. The horrifying truth may be that they WANT to obey, for the sake of obedience. If so, that will destroy civilization far faster than any virus ever could.



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