The Demise of Critical Thinking: How We Got Here

I saw a leftist post that approvingly stated, “Wearing mask shows humility”. What they mean by humility is: Submission.

We can agree, at least, that these silly, homemade cloth masks are not about physical safety. They’re about a moral code which states: “My life does not belong to me. I do what I’m told. If it doesn’t make sense, that’s all the more reason to do it — if I’m ordered, and if it demonstrates humility”.

Do you still wonder how Nazi Germany happened? This is how. People abandoned their critical thinking. They replaced it with following orders and virtue-signaling for the sake of their neighbors … all of whom also virtue-signal.

Right now it’s masks and open-ended lockdowns. What will be next? Concentration camps? You think it’s crazy to suggest such a thing. But why? The authorities know many of us will follow any orders they hand out, without reason or independent thought. If they can get away with everything they got away with over the last two months, can’t they get away with anything? It’s all for your health, after all.

Other than the admirable protestors, I don’t see anyone willing to fight. To me, it’s disturbing. To our rulers, it’s empowering. They have noticed the lack of protest too. That’s why they keep doubling and tripling down on existing unconstitutional orders, and issuing new ones by the day.



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