The Magic Word for Dictatorship: COVID-19

A few months ago, I wondered what would happen if the Democrats didn’t defeat President Trump in the fall. Well, now we know, six months early. Their response to coronavirus — the lockdowns, the deliberate crashing of the economy, the open-ended dictatorial powers of governors — would have been an unimaginably bad reaction to Trump winning reelection. Yet here we are.

So now that the worst has happened, and getting worse every day, what will they do next? What’s left for them to do?

My money’s still on gun confiscation and speech controls. Gun confiscation is fairly easy, especially in blue states. Governors already enjoy unlimited power. All they have to say is, “If we don’t take people’s guns, there will be more victims of coronavirus.” Ditto for free speech. All they have to do is get together and intimidate Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These companies are run by leftist fascists who wish to be ruled anyway. That’s largely already happening.

All that remains is the final push to control all speech. Perhaps everything people write or post will have to go through some sort of government filtering website. Maybe a “” for your speech. See how they handle it in China. That will be the model here. Why not? Just about everything else has happened. The Senate is seriously considering a guaranteed $24, 000 a year income for all. They’re preparing us for a world where there are few or no jobs, and where most things are illegal — so you don’t have to spend much money in the first place. It’s the very definition of Communism.

It’s like a science fiction novel. But it’s real. All you have to do is say, “coronavirus” and people will do anything you want them to do. Things people never would have done a few weeks ago, they now will do — literally anything. So long as you say the magic words, “COVID-19”.

Will the vast majority change and wake up? Will President Trump take aggressive action against them? I’m still waiting.



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