President Trump: Where Are You? We’re Dying Out Here

Unemployment hits 14.7 percent, the worst since the Great Depression, according to the latest numbers.

20 million jobs lost will be back “very soon”, said President Trump.

But how? President Trump has left opening the economy up to the governors. You can forget the economy opening up. Businesses can’t function or make a profit under the existing “reopening” guidelines; not where I live. Politicians and bureaucrats don’t know how to run beauty salons, bike shops, restaurants, gift shops or anything else. If they did, Communism would have been a success. Business owners are not free to try and get back business. Many employees won’t go back to work if given the choice. Why? Because their “unemployment on steroids” Congress bragged about a month ago pays more than their jobs did. President Trump and the Republicans blew it on unemployment. They created a permanent new underclass of people for whom it’s more profitable to stay home.

So how are jobs supposed to come back soon — or ever?

I know President Trump is not stupid. He cut taxes and regulations, and the economy boomed. But how is the economy supposed to come back under these conditions? Blue state governors clearly have no desire to open back up, at least not before the election. (Nor do some red state governors, such as Hogan in Maryland.) That’s enough time to destroy many local economies permanently. The beach town where I live — ruled by a socialist mayor and a socialist Governor — won’t be around by next summer. They actually talked about building a WALL between homes and the ocean. Businesses will not survive. Without a vaccine, they won’t fully open back up, even next year. That’s what they mean by the “new normal”. Multiply this around the country. How are jobs supposed to come back?

If the governors, especially in blue states, are not FORCED into allowing private businesses to FULLY, IMMEDIATELY and PERMANENTLY reopen, there’s no hope. They’re not going to budge. Not short of sending in the troops or physically removing them from office, by arrest.

I ask this as a supporter of President Trump. I ask this as someone who believes his mind is sound and his heart is in the right place. But facts are facts. Wishes won’t make it so. I know he knows this. So what’s going on?

Somebody please explain it to me. I’m all ears.


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