NO LIMIT to What Leftists Are Capable Of

General Flynn has been exonerated. The charges against him, of course, were false. The Deep State Obama holdovers framed him, but they still had to make things up. They have been caught.

Glorious news, of course. But it should never have happened. Much of our federal government is a glorified, legalized mob. Why even have an FBI, if this is what they do? Thank goodness justice can still sometimes prevail. But General Flynn’s life will never be the same. And Comey, Barack Obama and the real perpetrators still walk free. When do we get to see them in handcuffs? Keep the fire going, Trump administration.

If leftist Democrats will destroy the life of an honorable, innocent man, don’t you think they would use a virus as an excuse to decimate an economy and obliterate the Bill of Rights? They are sociopaths. From Bill Gates to Pelosi to the Squad to Biden, we are facing the gravest threat since the Nazis. This time, in our own country.



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