Lockdowns: “Caring” for Thousands While Sacrificing Billions

We’re told that extending the lockdowns shows “you care”. Caring is all that matters. Not survival, not happiness, not liberty — just caring. But here’s the thing. The people applauded for “caring” enough to lock down civilization for a year or more care NOTHING for the livelihood of billions of people. They care NOTHING about the supply chain of food that keeps billions alive. None of this happens by magic. They care nothing about the operation of factories — needed in America now more than ever — that ultimately keep people alive. They sneer and moralize about how you must selflessly give up all of your freedom or “a few bucks” and tolerate the “inconvenience” of … well, economic collapse or even starvation. They care nothing for themselves, their own children and grandchildren, either. It betrays their economic ignorance, but also how they simply don’t care. In order to be SEEN as caring for hundreds or thousands, they’re willing to give up the happiness, prosperity and even survival of millions. Included among those millions are the majority of people with the virus who will survive, and come back to a psychologically and economically impoverished world. It’s madness and hypocrisy on a truly cosmic scale.

[Pictured: Lining up for free food in Texas]


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