Blue State Governor’s Collision With Reality

Notes from a blue state resident: Delaware is a low tax state, no thanks to the Democrats who now totally control it, and have for years. The low taxes/no sales tax status quo is a product of a Republican past. Our Democratic governor now seems surprised and outraged there’s a shortfall because he refuses to even talk about partially reopening the economy for at least a month (and probably not even then). He seems prepared to shut down the beach tourism that normally draws millions in the summer. It’s the best economic thing Delaware has going. He has the power to literally destroy the economy of this small state permanently, and doesn’t seem hesitant to use it. If it weren’t so tragic, it would be funny to watch him juggle with basic arithmetic. “Gee, I can’t spend as much because the economy is shut down. It’s shut down because of me. Because I care.” This blue state governor who generally copies New York and California has two options. One, blame Trump and the federal government … and like all Democrats, he’s doing that. Two, raise taxes. Here’s betting he will try. Raise taxes on WHOM or WHAT? How do you raise taxes when there’s virtually no economic activity? How about instituting a sales tax, since Delaware has no sales tax? Oops, hardly any stores are open. This will be interesting as well as painful to watch. Not just in Delaware, but in the socialist half of the country that seems prepared to stop commerce at all costs.

This is straight out of Atlas Shrugged.


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