Forget “Shelter in Place”… Let’s STAND in Place!

Here’s an idea. Since THE central purpose of life is NOT to contract the coronavirus, and not to risk even ONE person contracting it, ever … Let’s order everyone to stand in place, not move, not even walk across the room, and not even breathe. Do NOTHING. Until someone says you may. Remember the scene in the Sound of Music where the family hid from the Nazis, not even uttering a breath? That’s what I mean. Politicians and elite donors to the proper political parties will be granted exceptions, of course. Hollywood celebrities, too. How about that? Nothing else matters, right? Economic survival. Individual rights. Freedom of movement and association. NOTHING WHATSOEVER matters. Not ever again. All that matters: not one single person catching the coronavirus. Ever. How about it? It’s worth it, right? We’re just about there, with 90 percent of what i just wrote as an absurd characterization. Let’s go to 100 percent. Let’s go all the way. That way we’ll defeat this virus for sure.



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