Endless Lockdowns

CDC Director Robert Redfield gave an interview to the Washington Post on the Wuhan virus panic and he made it clear, as have other so-called public health authorities that these people really have no intention of letting us getting back to our lives and they have willing allies in the national media. [from redstate.com]

You shouldn’t necessarily assume the lockdowns will totally end. And, even if they do, you should assume they’ll be back — in November, next March and who knows how many more times. Because if we don’t lockdown next time, and things are no worse, it will reveal that we didn’t really need THIS lockdown in the first place. The inept experts have backed themselves into a corner — and the entire world economy and free world with them. UNLESS we challenge them on their faulty models and repeatedly mistaken facts/predictions, which doesn’t seem imminent.

From the article:

“So, no immunity and no vaccine. What does that mean? It means the people who foisted this disaster upon us are going to try to make us go through lockdown and ‘social distancing’ and all that other crap again in November and again in March. Forever. They have to push for that because if there is a ‘second wave,’ which there will be, and we don’t shutdown again, then they are going to have to answer some very tough questions as to why we did it this time.”



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